Unbleached Untreated Wheat Flour

I am trying to make a copycat recipe of Whole Foods' Seeduction Bread - I have the ingredients from the label, which are all self-explanatory except for "unbleached, untreated wheat flour". What exactly is this? Is it something I can buy in a store? I always buy unbleached flour but I'm not sure what "untreated" refers to, and am hitting a road block on the internet. Thank you!

Ashley Marie


boulangere January 18, 2014
"Untreated" likely means unbromated, in other words, not treated with potassium bromate. The latter helps the gluten in flour better form a network of pockets which trap carbon dioxide, a byproduct of fermentation, both of which cause dough to rise. Un-bromated flour will certainly reach the same point in the fermentation process, albeit a bit slower. Look for such a flour in any good natural foods store's bulk bins.
cookbookchick January 18, 2014
I'd just go with unbleached AP flour like King Arthur's. You could call WF and ask them, but hopefully our boulangere will weigh in. She is very knowledgeable about bread baking.
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