best restaurants in santa barbara?

Jessica Phillips


Kristen M. February 3, 2014
Super Rica is always my top recommendation. I also used to like Paradise Cafe for excellent burgers on a pretty patio (especially good with an Anchor Steam), McConnell's for ice cream, D'Angelo's Bakery for pastries/bread/brunch.
Midge February 3, 2014
And I second Hungry Cat!
Midge February 3, 2014
I like La Super Rica but stumbled upon another great little taqueria last time I was there. Romanti-Ezer is a block off State Street on Chapala. I still dream of their horchata.
pierino February 3, 2014
One of my regular stopping off points is Hungry Cat on Chapala at Victoria. Great seafood from the open kitchen. Minimal signage but convenient parking.
CarlaCooks February 3, 2014
When I last lived in Santa Barbara (over 5 years now), Bouchon was a fantastic place to eat. It's not the cheapest restaurant, but I think the price matches the quality. There is an awesome cheese store call C'est Cheese, and right next to it is a great bakery. They are both worth going to; you can find great local cheese at the shop and they are always willing to give you a sample if you aren't sure. La Super Rica is indeed a bit ramshackle, but it's great! There are a surprisingly good number of taquerias on Milpas, so if the life at La Super Rica is too long, just keep heading north on Milpas and you'll find something good.
boulangere February 2, 2014
Diana B and I travel alike: the SBMA has a wonderful restaurant, but it closes when the museum does, long before the dinner hour. If you wander up and down State Street, you are bound to visit someplace that catches your fancy, as I did:
Diana B. February 2, 2014
The restaurant in the SB Museum of Art is terrific, but I believe it only does lunch. La Super-Rica Taqueria, 622 N Milpas St, was a favorite of Julia Child's - it's a tad ramshackle and the line will usually be long, but worth the wait!
creamtea February 2, 2014

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creamtea January 28, 2014
I do not know Santa Barbara restaurants, but I do know that there have been many threads in the past where users have discussed travels and restaurant recommendations. We have several members the length and breadth of California who probably would be willing and able (and happy) to discuss the relative merits of various dining spots, I'm sure, so I think it's a fair question.
LeBec F. January 28, 2014
you must not be familiar with chowhound; it IS a firsthand network of people with opinions like what you are seeking. 52 is NOT a restaurant discussing website.
Jessica P. January 28, 2014
Thanks. I just like to get some first-hand info. I never really trust the websites.
irina January 28, 2014
Search Yelp, Chowhound etc. You will find many suggestions.
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