any recipes for vegan cakes and cookies



Taylor S. July 22, 2014
Gena Hamshaw's Vegan Peach Crumble Coffee Cake is the best coffee cake -- both vegan and non-vegan -- I've ever had. Highly recommend (especially for this time of year)!
maimai50 July 21, 2014
thnxs everyone!
aobenour July 20, 2014
Look for anything by Isa Moskowitz. Her vegan cookie book is wonderful, as is her cupcake book, pie book, and the desserts in her other general books.
strawberrygirl July 20, 2014
Isa Chandra Moskowitz also has some recipes posted on her blog, if you want to try out a few recipes before buying a book:

The peanut butter chocolate pillow cookies are fantastic.
Nancy July 20, 2014
Easy substitutions can adapt most cake recipes - prune butter or banana puree for eggs, coconut butter/oil for dairy butter. Also here's a good chocolate cake/cupcake recipe using black beans (which give both body and nutrition)...enjoy
dailykale July 20, 2014
Margaret Fox's Chocolate Amazon Cake (on this site) is phenomenal.
Vegan. Fast. Easy. No mixer required.
Brady K. July 20, 2014
agreed. Fox's Amazon cake is stunning. It's my go to chocolate cake, not just vegan chocolate cake!
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