How can I edit Favorites

You allow collections to be edited, but why isn't this option allowed for Favorites? Our tastes change, and what we consider a favorite one year we may not the next.

K Dehner
  • Posted by: K Dehner
  • September 14, 2014


Susan W. September 14, 2014
I edit my favorites all the time. Sometimes I move them to collections, sometimes I delete them. Just open your favorites and click on the red heart so that it's no longer red. When you go back in, that item will be gone.
K D. September 14, 2014
Many thanks! I never rolled my cursor over the little heart under the recipes, so I had no idea I could "unfavorite" anything. Easy as pie! And so many good pies to choose from!
Susan W. September 14, 2014
So true. I went through and moved many "pies" to collections and now I need to make a kajillion new dishes. :)
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