What size turkey should be purchased for 19 people? I'm having a ham in addition to the turkey.



YESCRAP November 25, 2019
YESCRAP November 25, 2019
YESCRAP November 25, 2019
ATG117 November 12, 2014
My vote goes for buying smaller, naturally raise turkeys, and buying more than one if you need.
inpatskitchen November 11, 2014
We have about 16 guests and fry two 15 pound turkeys and serve an 8 pound spiral sliced ham...enough for guests to take a plate home and leftovers for the two of us and our son who stays for a few days after the Holiday.
Sam1148 November 11, 2014
ChefJune November 11, 2014
I like to have lots of turkey leftovers for sandwiches, tetrazzini, etc., so I always choose the biggest bird I can get in my oven, regardless of what other protein I might be serving. Last year's turkey weighed 27 pounds. I vote "Go Big!"
aargersi November 11, 2014
Me too! 20 - 25 people, turkey and ham. I just ordered a 20-25 lb turkey and I will roast 4 extra thighs (lots of dark meat fans in the house) that allows for PLENTY at the meal, plus leftovers, because I have to have at LEAST three of these in the following days:

I have made this amount (well except for the year that my brother also fried two turkeys so we had three plus a ham and we had soooo much food but that's another story) for the same giant crowd 4 years running and it has worked our just about right. My nieces and nephews show up with empty tupperwares and fill 'em up ...
Nancy November 11, 2014
You know your guests/family better than we do. And you want them to feel free & comfortable making their choices. If you don't know their turkey/ham preferences and your oven allows, buy enough of each to serve 19. Then they choose, and your leftovers automatically sort themselves out. If you know their preferences, but one meat for all and another for half that.
Susan W. November 11, 2014
Good point. I went into catering mode method that I have used. Knowing the group makes it much easier.
Susan W. November 11, 2014
Most people will have some of each, but probably more turkey. 1 lb of whole turkey (with bones etc) will yield about 8 oz of meat. Since you are also serving ham, you could reduce that. 8 oz of turkey is a generous portion for most people. I eat a lot and 6 ounces would be plenty for me with all the sides. 4-5 ounces if I were also having ham.

You also need to factor in whether you want leftovers or not. It also depends whether this is a buffet or are these people being served a specific amount? Just double the amount of meat you want everyone to have to calculate the size of turkey and add some if you want leftovers.
Monita November 11, 2014
Depends if you want to have leftovers. Generally speaking you should have about 11/4 pounds per person
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