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When I was very little, a long time ago, my Mennonite aunt use to make this bun, it had one bun on top of another bun. It was delicious! What is it called? Anyone know where to find the best recipe? Sadly, I can no longer ask her.

Also, any ideas on some delicious Mennonite recipes? I have a whole whack of books on order at the library on Mennonite cooking, but I was wondering if anyone here had a favourite recipe. Maybe something you love cooking, or something you ate somewhere that was completely delicious?

Thank you in advance.



Nancy December 5, 2014
Trampled - the description of visit to her house, the endless acres - sounds marvelous! Meanwhile, maybe off your radar, there's an active Canadian Mennonite community, mostly in & around Winnipeg, and a well-reviewed cookbook from them...
trampledbygeese December 4, 2014
Thank you everyone. This is fantastic. I can't wait to start cooking. Love the idea of bread wrapped in leaves. There's going to be a lot of baking in my house this weekend.
Droplet December 3, 2014
There was a recipe published in Cooking Light years ago of Leaf-Wrapped Breadsticks that is of Mennonite origin. It came from Judith Fertig, so it might be in one of her books as well, perhaps the one on bread baking.
Here is the link:
Maedl December 3, 2014
Dried corn. I don’t know whether it is Amish or Mennonite, but I always associate it with Lancaster County. It comes in a small green box and I believe the company that produces it is Cope. Cooking it was simple--just soak it and simmer in whole milk with a generous knob of butter. I crave that always . . . and thank goodness I have friend from Central Pennsylvania who keeps me supplied.
creamtea December 3, 2014
We had an Amish dinner when I was just out of college aeons ago at a farmhouse/restaurant in Pennsylvania. First there was a tray of 4 appetizers: stewed home-grown tomatoes and squares of a simple unfrosted chocolate cake (in case you were too full for dessert later). Chicken, either roasted or stewed...It's all I remember, I'm afraid. The thing was, everything was super fresh and full of flavor. In that sense it was unforgettable!
trampledbygeese December 3, 2014
Unfrosted chocolate cake for appetizer? That's the most perfect thing I've ever heard.
B N. December 3, 2014
It wouldn't be a zwieback bun would it? Associated with Russian Mennonites I believe.

(attached image taken from
trampledbygeese December 3, 2014
mmmm... those look like it! It's amazing how an image like that can bring back memories from early childhood. Tiny two room stone farmhouse with no electricity, just a cast iron stove and oil lamp which was never on because in my memory it is always day time. Small stream runs before the front steps so we always went in via the back door. The smell of buttery buns, rice pudding, violin playing, massive great fields (well massive when 5 years old, probably only 1 acre pastures) with rolling hills great for walking. hours of picking red currants, a small row of gooseberries. Giant garden of almost an acre, all hand worked, just for feeding the local food bank.
trampledbygeese December 3, 2014
Dang it, all I have is instant yeast. Recipe wants normal yeast. I wonder if it would still work if I adjusted the rising times or would the flavour be too terrible and I should wait for proper yeast?
AntoniaJames December 3, 2014
Instant yeast should be fine! The only difference is the coating on active dry yeast, which requires it to be dissolved in water first. I've looked for and used a conversion ratio, but the amounts needed using either are so close that I no longer bother to adjust. (I just did a quick Google search and found that reputable sources agree.) Have fun! ;o)
AntoniaJames December 3, 2014
P.S. You don't need to adjust the rising time. "Instant" just means no dissolving / proofing necessary. If you don't bake often, you might want to proof anyway, to make sure the yeast is still good. ;o)
C S. December 3, 2014
Do you know the book More with Less by Doris Janzen Longacre, It is a Mennonite cookbook that came out in the 70's I believe. It has a lot of practical advice as well as recipes. I didn't see that bun, but there are lots of good recipes. Catherine
trampledbygeese December 3, 2014
That's one of the books I've ordered from the library. Can't wait to see what it's like. Thank you for the recommendation.
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