Persian or Turkish Beef Stew (or Beef Filling) Recipe?

I have a 3-5 lb. chuck roast in the freezer. I had bought it to make my annual big batch of Boeuf Bourgignon, but I have become increasingly absorbed by Persian and Turkish cooking , of late. I do have a few pertinent cookbooks,but I thought before launching into a major project with them, i would ask if any 52ers had some fav Persian or Turkish beef stew (or beef filling I could use in filo) recipes. If you do, and you could describe them and their spicing, and mention what source I should seek to find them, I would be most appreciative. Thank you!

LeBec Fin


Nancy March 28, 2015
Not either Persian or Turkish, but Syrian and sharing flavor notes. Roast ie simply braise your beef. Them serve with muhammara, a great sauce of pomegranate, peppers and walnuts. Many recipes out there. 2 especially fine are by Joan Nathan, Jose centeno. you could either serve the meat with the sauce. Or shred it, out in phyllo with the sauce and bake.
Also, a different recommendation, see Louisa Shafia recent cookbook on Persian cuisine.
Ashlinn March 28, 2015
A couple of my favorite Persian stews that use beef are Ghaymeh ( and Ghormeh Sabzi ( You can find dried herb mixes for the Ghormeh Sabzi at Persian markets, online, or some international grocery stores, if you don't want to chop tons of herbs. If you go the dried herb route I suggest warming the herbs on the stove in some oil before adding liquid. Also you might already know of this--the best Persian cookbook I know is "Persian Cuisine", by M. R. Ghanoonparvar. Let me know if you need any more details/explanation (I love talking about Persian food!), and happy cooking.
LeBec F. March 28, 2015
ha; i didn't realize that Azita one of my fav names, was very popular with Iranis! There are 3 azita 52ers!!
Do you know this azita, also in nyc and also a blogger?

I am thinking i will be making your ghormeh; th you! I have all the ingredients.

In the 2nd recipe, the use of masses of herbs is new to me. I did see it featured in an Irani film, The Fish Fall in Love , which i highly recommend.

Must make that too! th you.
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