My university is hosting a Fashion Show, and I'm in charge of the food, do you have any suggestions for quick finger foods for 150?

We have catering by a local flatbread place, but I'm looking for suggestions of things that are snack worthy, or other options rather than flatbread. Thank you!!!

  • Posted by: R.
  • April 26, 2015


minipanda May 3, 2015
Roasted (or fried) seasoned chick peas.
Mei C. April 30, 2015
Hi ! We have a few suggestions:
Good luck!
caninechef April 30, 2015
Roasted flavored nuts.
Michele April 29, 2015
Don't have any suggestion, but the thought of this makes me feel a little faint. 20 people makes me start to feel uncomfortable, but 150.......good luck!
nlog2n April 29, 2015
If you have a few people working, this app can be assembled pretty quickly. Not sure if everyone would like smoked salmon, but it seems to be more popular these days.
Emily L. April 29, 2015
I don't know how necessarily 'quick' these are to make, depends on your rolling and cookie cutting skills but can easily be made without the fig spread if that saves you time. they remind me of a grown up/sophisticated cheese-it
nutcakes April 28, 2015
Marinated vegetables on a toothpick kebab, cut fruit on toothpick, thickish cucumber slices with a piped dollop of something (mousse made with canned salmon or tuna seasoned with lemon juice folded into whipped cream or set with cream and gelatin),
Garlic F. April 28, 2015
Anything you can make as a bar and cut into bite-sized pieces (brownies, lemon bars, cookies, raspberry bars, five-layer bars, etc)
LeBec F. April 26, 2015
Hi Rebecca, is your idea to have foods set out on tables for people to help themselves? small plates but no forks etc? Or are you going to have servers passing foods on trays?
It sounds like the former, and it sounds like your flatbreads will all be spreads and bread? It's important to know what their menu is so you can fill in the gaps. Also, do you want all room temp foods?
Meats or all Vegetarian? What time of year?
The most "easy to prepare " foods are big batches of dips and spreads(which i'm guessing are already being featured by the flatbread caterer.) Making 'pieces' of food is more labor intensive.
I catered for 30 years, so I can be more helpful after you give us more specifics!
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