Elderlower icecream

I want to make an elderflower ice-cream, but i don't want to use my freshly made cordial but i was planning to infuse the milk with the fresh flowers. Does anybody have experience in doing this? Or do you guys think it would work?



drshakyhands June 17, 2015
When you are heating the milk/cream mixture on the stove (assuming you are making a custard base and will then be mixing said warm cream with eggs and sugar), you can infuse just about anything into it that you want. In Ruhlman's book, Ratio, he uses vanilla as an example - he heats the milk/cream with a whole, split vanilla bean and lets it steep in the warmed liquid for about 15 minutes before bringing the mix to its final "just about to boil" temp before tempering with the eggs.

I have had good success this way with coffee grounds, various teas and spices. Lavender was especially nice done this way.
drshakyhands June 17, 2015
I should mention I usually wrap my infusion items in cheesecloth or somesuch and strain the liquid before tempering to prevent weird bits and pieces from being in the finished product.
barcelona June 18, 2015
I made it on sunday with fresh elderflowers. I let them infuse for 1 night with the cream and milk. I turned out great, with a beautiful floral flavour :-)
prandial June 12, 2015
Infusing the milk sounds like the way to go. I had a friend do this with honeysuckle flowers and it was delicious.
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