Cooking in Clay

What recipes techniques and cookware for cooking in clay?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • July 11, 2015


sara D. July 28, 2015
I dont know If I would use a commercial flowerpot for food... is it really a plant/nursery sourced flowerpot? I'd be concerned that the clay may not be food quality and may have fillers or lead. I cook in clay pots a lot, and use unglazed Columbian LaChambra and glazed Mexican Ollas for beans, stews and polenta, and a stoneware slab for bread baking. THere are tow of my "go to' sited for uestions about clay pot cooking: Steve Sando's "Cooking with clay" FB page: and Steve Sando's blog at Rancho Gordo beans:
bigpan July 13, 2015
Sam, since they can be heated, you can use for any small side dish or assortment of canapés...
A side of smashed potato or whatever.
A base of hash with a poached egg on top for breakfast.
A side dish of warm hush puppies.
Or chilled with a mousse.....
And on and on it goes.
Hillary R. July 13, 2015
Interesting! I have never tried it with a flower pot, but many Korean dishes make use of a "dolsot" or Korean stone pot. I have a feeling you could try out the dishes in clay cookware--extra crispy rice on the bottom! ;)
irina July 12, 2015
I've also seen deserts served in those mini flower pots.
Nancy July 12, 2015
Emile Henry (French brand) glazed clay pottery. Cooks and cleans beautifully. I especially like the smallish sizes (2 or 3 cups) for individual servings. I make lasagna, pea soup, casseroles, bread in them.
Tom Hess (American) for red clay pie plates. Use for pies, crumbles and the like.
Idea for your flowerpots - individual or small brioche, for a luxurious breakfast or brunch.
Sam1148 July 11, 2015
I just bought some mini flowerpots which are seasoning in the oven now.
To make individual bread servings.
I also have a 70's Romertopft clay cooker I use quite a a bit in the winter/fall for roasts and chicken.

What clay ware do you use? I'm thinking those mini flowerpots could be a nice way to make little meatloafs or Shepard's pie.
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