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I forgot to put my ice cream machine base in the freezer over night, do you think it will work if it's in there for 7 hours-ish? :(

  • Posted by: Natalie
  • October 14, 2015


Stephanie G. October 15, 2015
If it's a Cuisinart, mine didn't work when I didn't leave it in the freezer the full time. If you can't wait, make sure your custard is a cold as possible.
amysarah October 15, 2015
I also have a Cuisinart (old, but totally functional) and a perfectly good freezer - and freezing at least overnight still works best. I've tried putting it in early morning, for late afternoon churning - just not as effective. I also store it in the freezer when there's room, especially in summer. Never know when you'll need to drop everything and churn a batch!
rt21 October 15, 2015
I agree with chef June ..., won't work unless it's completely frozen
Smaug October 14, 2015
Depends on your freezer.

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ChefJune October 14, 2015
If it's a Cuisinart, I wouldn't count on it. Next time, just store the bowl in the freezer. That way it's ready whenever you are.
702551 October 14, 2015
It should work.

However, I suggest you read the manufacturer's instructions carefully for a more definitive answer.

Good luck.
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