walnut & chocolate chip cookies at the Sullivan Street Bakery

I had these walnut & chocolate chip cookies at Jim Lahey's Sullivan Street Bakery last week, and I'm pretty much ruined for any other kind. They had this touch of sea salt that just placed these beauties in a completely different category. Does anyone at Food52 have a recipe for this particular confection?



drbabs March 30, 2016
Here is his chocolate chip cookie recipe, to which I'm sure you could add walnuts:
Smaug March 30, 2016
Golly Willikers, that looks a lot like a Toll House cookie with even more fat and sugar. And a large glop of salt. The world of professional cuisine needs some new tricks.
Panfusine March 30, 2016
Thanks Barbara, but this particular cookie looked very different from the one in the recipe, the walnuts were finely crushed and dispersed almost as if it was coarsely crushed into a gritty meal and the chocolate chips did not look like morsels embedded. This cookie was quite something else!
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