Soft Food Ideas

Ouch! Cracked a tooth and it needs to come out :( Other than smoothies, any ideas on soft foods? I know mashed potatoes, but I think I will burn out on those pretty quickly. Thanks for your help!



BerryBaby July 1, 2016
Finally, I can eat whatever I want. The first thing I had were the Soy Crackers from Trader Joe's. Delicious! Today, New York Style pizza...can't wait!
BerryBaby June 27, 2016
The silver lining is the weight loss is now at 6 pounds without even trying. Only 4 more to go for 10 pounds I wanted to lose. Even if I don't, I'll be happy with this. However, you can be sure I'm going for that pizza on Friday!
BerryBaby June 24, 2016
Stitches come out in a week. Doctor said I was healing quickly so next week I can start experimenting with different solids. I can taste that pizza!
BerryBaby June 19, 2016
Today I had enough milk shakes and mashed potatoes. Yesterday I was roasted a chicken breast, just by itself, so salt, nothing. Covered it with foil and it turned out great. Put it in the fridge and today put it in the Ninja and made a chicken pate. Peeled red grapes (can't eat the skins) and added a dab of olive oil mayonnaise. Loved it! I can see making other variations in the future. Easy and delicious!
BerryBaby June 21, 2016
This is becoming fun! I bought liver wurst yesterday and spread that on soft, gummy Italian bread (minus the crust) a thin layer of olive oil mayonnaise and topped it with avocado slices. Today I'm making a melon trio (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe) salad with peeked red seedless grapes and lemon chiffon Greek yogurt.
louisez June 17, 2016
I empathize, having just had my wisdom teeth out. Mashed potatoes (with cottage cheese mashed in) work -- keeping in mind they can't be too hot. And yes --easy to burn out on them. Current favorite: yoghurt with peeled mashed peach and a bit of homemade plum jam. Thanks for posting this question -- very timely for me. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
BerryBaby June 18, 2016
Thank you and I, too, wish you a speedy recovery. I made carrots and potatoes for dinner. Mashed them up and added cream cheese. Not suppose to use pepper or salt and herbs could get caught in the stitches. This is becoming an interesting challenge!
AntoniaJames June 17, 2016
Spoon bread, if you can get your hands on some fresh corn or, if not, use a good quality frozen.

And risotto assuming no hard ingredients.

Hope you feel better soon! ;o)
BerryBaby June 17, 2016
Sounds great! Except they gave restrictions no nuts, seeds, rice, small grains, corn, hard or crispy food and cannot use a straw. I made a smoothie with raspberry ice cream and didn't realize it had seeds. Used a mesh small colander to capture the seeds before drinking it. I predict some pounds coming off real soon!
BerryBaby June 18, 2016
Looking for the silver lining and losing five pounds would be great. Of course, the final outcome of being able to eat again will be the ultimate!
BerryBaby June 17, 2016
Finally had the oral surgery yesterday. Doing pretty well and making myself shakes for now. I'm going to re-read all your suggestions and give them a try. Thanks, everyone! Only three months of healing then part two!
MMH May 31, 2016
My daughter just had her wisdom teeth removed. She loved avgolemeno made with Israeli couscous.
caninechef May 31, 2016
Flan or custard. And the mention of crab cakes made me thing that fish in general does not take much in the way of chewing. Serve with rice or small pasta, maybe a pureed veggie.
Sam1148 May 29, 2016
702551 May 28, 2016
Well, soups and stews for starters.

A lot of grains and noodles. Think rice, porridge (of all sorts), couscous, bulgur, small pastas like orzo and softer/thinner pastas like cappellini or Japanese somen.

Cooked beans can be pureed. Poi (cooked taro root) is a traditional baby food for Pacific Islanders.

Tofu, of course, and a lot of fish.

Some meats can been cooked quite soft, like brisket, ground beef/veal/pork, country ribs. Many braised meat dishes like pulled pork provide a final product that doesn't need to be chewed much. I recently made a batch of braised chicken thighs that can be cut with a spoon.

If you want to burn up some dollar bills, how about some fresh crab cakes?

Every cuisine has a ton of soft foods, no end to suggestions.
Stephanie G. May 28, 2016
When I was little, my aunt would mash a banana with peanut butter. I still like it!
BerryBaby June 18, 2016
I'm going to try this today. Sounds like a treat!
navahfrost May 28, 2016
Oatmeal, either sweet or savory, polenta with ricotta and or tomato sauce, or what about creamed spinach, pureed peas with basil and mint, soft scrambled eggs with mashed avocado. . . many vegetables are delicious stewed for a long time, completely mushy, in olive oil with garlic and onions. Zucchini, shredded, or broccoli, (both recipes available on this website!)
BerryBaby May 28, 2016
Ivorygalny, all excellent suggestions! Thank you!
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