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Fine biscuit/cake crumbs

I have a recipe that calls for 1 1/2 cups fine biscuit/cake crumbs. What or where can I find this? I'm making Sticky Honey Peanut Cake from A Chef's Life.

asked by Nan 9 months ago
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added 9 months ago

My guess is that she takes leftover cake or biscuits, whirs them in the food processor, and makes crumbs. You could do the same with leftover cake (who has that?) or biscuits. I think I'd try cookie crumbs--graham crackers, ginger snaps, even chocolate wafers, depending on the flavor profile you want.

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added 9 months ago

I suppose bakeries have leftover cakes and biscuits, but it's an awfully unspecific ingredient- I'd agree; use whatever sounds good to you.

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added 9 months ago

Well, yes, the recipe is from a restaurant chef who got the original from a professional baker.

Thinking back many years to the days when I baked, there were many instances when a cake needed to be trimmed for assembly, so there were often cake scraps.

No doubt a bakery would have a rather continuous supply of leftover cake and scraps. Good idea to repurpose these leftovers into another dish.

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added 9 months ago

I keep a frozen pound cake in the freezer for things like this. They are delicious and can be used in many different ways.