can you freeze and re-use buttermilk?

There's always leftover buttermilk. Can it be frozen and re-used?

Judie Weaver


Windischgirl August 29, 2017
The texture may be a bit different, but if you use it in baking, it should be fine. Just shake it well as Shuna suggests. Every time I've frozen milk, it separates and is not as pleasant as fresh for drinking, but fine in baking.
amayatylor August 27, 2017
YES, you can freeze and re-use the Buttermilk. According to a research, shelf life of the buttermilk in refrigerator is 2 weeks and once the buttermilk is frozen, this will last for the 3 months and after 3 months, you must use it or discard it.
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Nancy August 21, 2017
Yes, especially handy in ice cube trays or small plastic containers - just enough to use for another recipe of, say, pancakes or the like.
Here are useful tips from an earlier thread:
Shuna L. August 21, 2017
Yes. When you thaw it to liquid again, shake or blend it vigorously. Depending on how sour a buttermilk it is, it might separate quite a bit in the freezing and thawing. Lately I have been pamking popsicles with all my leftover buttermilk... so I *wish* I had more leftover!
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