I would love a recommendation for fabulous cocoa with 22-25% fat content for my morning smoothie. I started making them with a Cocoa Rouge I can no longer find and have moved on to Cocoa Barry extra brut that I find has a completely different flavor. Like single origin chocolates, I have succumbed to the nuance of chocolate flavor in my cocoa and as it is my daily morning smoothie, I would love to explore something other than the Cocoa Barry flavor. Your suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you - one of your biggest fans, and chocolate lover.

Silvana Carpinito


HalfPint September 30, 2017
Penzey's Natural Cocoa powder is about 22-25% fat. I like it a lot.
AntoniaJames September 30, 2017
Good to know, HalfPint. As always, thanks for sharing such helpful information!

I just purchased cocoa from, but haven't tried it yet. I too use chocolate in my breakfast smoothies -- cold banana + shelled hemp seeds + OJ concentrate + almond milk + cocoa (and occasionally, strawberries, in season) -- utterly delicious, so I'll report back when I do. ;o)
Silvana C. September 30, 2017
Thank you, I'll check it out!
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