Salisbury steaks fall apart while cooking

When I try to flip the patties to cook they stick and fall apart. What am I doing wrong?

Jeannette Tyas


pierino October 22, 2017
Are you using any sort of binding agent? A beaten egg along with perhaps 1/4 cup bread crumbs (or more depending on how much ground meat you are using) will help hold them together. Also, dredge the patties through superfine flour (Wondra) just before browning would be good as well.
Jeannette T. October 22, 2017
The recipe I have doesn't call for egg but it does have breadcrumbs. I thought it was strange not to have egg but since it was my first attempt so I followed the directions. Will the flour dredge help to hold them together too? And I used a cast iron fry pan to cook the patties in. Any other ideas/ suggestions are welcome! Thanks so much!
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