Cheap affordable - no oven or blender. Only stove top. Recipe.

Currently in a hotel and would like to cook an amazing dinner for my fiance. I only have a stove top. Looking for a recipe with minimal ingredients that will blow his mind. Any ideas?

Christina Marie Smith


dinner A. May 2, 2018
Moules marinière (I use Julia Child's recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking; here it is posted online: with baguette or other crusty bread to soak up the juices, a green salad, and an oozy cheese, with white wine to drink (a Loire white would be a great and traditional pairing) would make a delicious and romantic dinner.

If you want to make a dessert, you could make a custard like chocolate pots de creme (here's a recipe from a reliable source: since it would have to be made in advance and chilled anyway. Poached pears are another nice advance prep dessert.
PHIL May 2, 2018
good Idea on the mussels, so easy
PHIL May 1, 2018 Add some diced grape tomatoes on top. Buy a fresh loaf of Italian / French bread , slice and toast it, rub the toasted slices with a garlic clove and a little butter. buy some salad greens , or if only for convenience a bag salad, maybe a mesculin spring mix, toss with a vingerette dressing, squeeze some of the extra lemon on top of the salad. Get a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon blanc. Buy some sorbet for desert.
Nancy May 1, 2018
Like Phil's menu but/and suggest a variation.
Instead of spaghetti as main course (I would find the boiling water difficult or cumbersome in a hotel), make chicken in wine sauce in a covered fry pan.
Use a rotisserie chicken and warm it in the frypan with other ingredients. Or buy cut up parts.
Red or white wine, a few vegetables, and ingredients to make its own sauce. Basic recipe link below.
Then serve with the rest of Phil's menu - bread, salad, sorbet or some other dessert you can pick up when you get the chicken.
Nancy May 2, 2018
PS you can simplify the chickrn recipe by buying half each of the vegetables, seasonings and sauce ingredients listed.
ktr May 1, 2018
Do you have a full stove top? Or a single burner?
HalfPint May 1, 2018
What does your fiance like to eat? Any food allergies/aversions? What is your budget?
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