I need to find out how many calories are in a recipe. where can I go to get this calculated?



bpeschell April 14, 2011
I did not find an area on fitday where you can type in an actual recipe and have the nutrition calculated for you. Looks like you have to know that when you create your custom food. On caloriecount I couldn't get the "add an ingredient" part to work so that was not successful either. Maybe it had a pop up or something attached to it. I will keep trying. I did type in my recipe to food.com. Just waiting to see if/when they post it and hopefully the nutrition info will be with it once posted. Thanks for the help! I'm trying to log in the foods I eat on my lose it app on the phone but some foods you just don't know calories or something close to compare it to.
bpeschell April 14, 2011
Thanks for all the great suggestions!
nutcakes April 13, 2011
re food.com, perhaps you have to be logged in--I have put a few of my recipes into it and I know other who have recipes that I reference.
prettyPeas April 13, 2011
I like fitday.com. You can create a custom food and type in the amount of each of the ingredients and it will save the nutritional information.
sarah K. April 13, 2011
I like the caloriecount one, you just type in the ingredients with the amounts, and it seems to work well. I also use the sparkpeople.com recipe calculator. I think you may have to register to use it, but it's a pretty useful site overal. Their calculator includes trace minerals and all that other stuff, but the con is that you have to type each ingredient in the search box and choose from what's available, which, if you're like me, you may use ingredients that are a little more obscure. But you can save all your recipes there. It's not as fast as caloriecount, but it gives you more info.
bpeschell April 13, 2011
I have looked at food.com but did not find a place to type in my own recipe.
nutcakes April 13, 2011
there are several, but I like food.com -- you can then have the recipe saved for later reference.
hardlikearmour April 13, 2011
This should work: http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php
bpeschell April 13, 2011
is there a place to type in a recipe and have it calculate calories for you? I cannot find it.
bpeschell April 13, 2011
I will give it a try. thanks!
zest I. April 13, 2011
Calorie king is a good place to start (www.calorieking.com). It's free and one of the bigger databases. You may have to do a little manual math, but that's definitely where I would start.
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