Simple summer food that is more than a snack but less than a lunch

Friends arriving around 2pm after driving 5 hours. They will be hungry but we have dinner reservations so…what can I prepare that is between a snack and a meal?

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AntoniaJames July 19, 2021
After driving 5 hours, people are hungry (assuming they haven't a lot of snacks on the way). First, though, give everyone a big glass of water, or lemonade, etc. to help re-hydrate them.

I'd then offer a tartine made with whatever size piece of baguette, halved, each guest wants, topped with a bit of avocado mashed with lemon juice and parsley, topped with a slice of bacon, cut into bite-sized bits (or torn prosciutto, or leave off for non-carnivores), topped with a small handful of arugula, topped with red onion pickles (make the ones here, a few hours ahead of time: If you have some ripe tomatoes, they'd be a nice addition, too. ;o)
MMH July 18, 2021
I like to let people choose so I put out a variety of things so that they can graze as we chat.
Stephanie G. July 19, 2021
MMH- what would your choices be? I always appreciate your input. :)
702551 July 17, 2021
I would do the complete opposite of what is being discussed.

Assuming the restaurant dinner is the highlight of their arrival day, I would just serve a snack, preferably vegetable heavy rather than something with lots of starch, dairy or other animal protein.

But that's just me...
drbabs July 18, 2021
Good point. You have to know the people for whom you’re preparing food, and go with their preferences.
Miss_Karen July 18, 2021
I agree. A small veggie tray & some ranch dressing...òr a cheese ball.
Miss_Karen July 18, 2021
With crackers
drbabs July 17, 2021
A salad with lots of summer vegetables and fruit cut into large chunks; hummus and triscuits; a plate of cheeses and apples and different crackers; a small pizza; finger sandwiches and fruit. Good for you for thinking of this; you must be a wonderful host.
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