Using a Ice Crusher for frozen Tomatoes

Can frozen tomatoes be crushed/diced so to speak by running them through a ice crusher machine?
I got 8 or 9 pounds of small tomatoes froze and looking for a easy way to dice them all for salsa.
Last year it was messy cutting them all up by hand.

  • Posted by: RBL
  • October 3, 2021


Gammy October 4, 2021
Agree with Nancy, I'd let them defrost enough for the skins to easily slide off, then pulse them slightly in a food processor in batches, just enough to chop/dice them. I'd probably also allow them to sit in a strainer (collect the juice) so your salsa isn't quite so juicy... freezing tomatoes causes some of their cells to burst making them juicier than fresh would be.
MMH October 3, 2021
We let them defrost. The skins fall off as they defrost. Then, when they are defrosted, we run them through a food mill.
Nancy October 3, 2021
Not sure, but I would be concerned about cleaning the ice crusher after passing the tomatoes through.
Could you perhaps partially thaw them, then run, in batches, through a food processor, blender or food mill to make the salsa?
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