Mystified. Why does this site pull a recipe with no explanation?

Food52 always invited contributions from members of the public, both to its hotline and its recipe section, now with tens of thousands of entries. Rarely, I’ve read about recipes being pulled or prevented from being published.
Two of mine just disappeared. The first, up and used for about seven years, was pulled after I did minor editing. The second, a re-entered version of the same recipe, was pulled a few minutes after posting.

No explanation, no request for revision, no response to an email inquiry to editors.

As a private business, food52 has the right to delete what it wants.

But as a courtesy to your unpaid public contributors, aka members, would you please explain your criteria for deleting recipes?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • April 25, 2022


Emma L. April 26, 2022
Hi Nancy! So glad that you're posting recipes. The recipe not appearing was an automated glitch from our content management system, not a decision from our editors. The recipe should be showing up here now: Hope that helps!
Nancy April 26, 2022
Well, Emma, thanks for your message.
I'm glad to see my recipe restored.
This authorizsd content management program is not a one-time problem. It has happened to others, before now.
Could the "glitch" be fixed or removed?
If it must stay, perhaps add a message for when it next occurs, indicating recipe will return or whom on staff to contact.

Nancy April 26, 2022
PS. Emma, I see both versions of Lamb Cauliflower Salad have reappeared. Don't need both. Second one is clearer on method.
Would you or the appropriate person now delete the first version, on purpose?
Thanks in advance,
Nancy :)

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