Lemon Verbena - how do you use it?

Hello Pickle Pals! I just bought a lemon verbena plant, I have never used it before, and would love some ideas! I see Mrs Wheelbarrow's lemon verbena strawberry conserve and will be trying that ... what else?



matchaflan May 18, 2011
i steeped it in heavy cream and make panna cotta :)
Anitalectric May 17, 2011
forgot pic!
Anitalectric May 17, 2011
Blend with sake, coconut water and agave to make a granita (shaved ice). I serve this with my strawberry tart with hibiscus rhubarb glaze.

Its incredibly refreshing.
CookOnTheFly May 16, 2011
Put a sprig or two in your gin/vodka tonic on a hot day!
SKK May 16, 2011
Lemon verbena is amazing in a syrup with poached apricots, on top of melon, rasberries or strawberries.
Greenstuff May 15, 2011
Peaches, Lillet, and lemon verbena sounds like a new favorite. All we need is peach season.
pierino May 15, 2011
Poach fresh peaches (as soon as they come into season and ripen up) in Lillet Blanc with lemon verbena.
ellenl May 15, 2011
That watermelon and goat cheese salad with lemon verbena and pistachios on the food52 site is unbelievably delicious. Do try it!
aargersi May 15, 2011
Yum lots of great ideas! Thanks! I think I see a peach and verbena jam in my future - it's almost Texas peach time!! I wonder how much it has grown since I planted it 2 hours ago? :-)
sdebrango May 15, 2011
Its wonderful in tabouleh, also chopped either alone or mixed with other herbs like parsley and put on fish or chicken,
Greenstuff May 15, 2011
Tea is my usual as well, but in recent years I've seen a lot more interest in it--in custards, ice creams, poundcakes.
Happyolks May 15, 2011
Chop roughly and throw in a spritzer with orange, cucumber, and lime :)
MrsWheelbarrow May 15, 2011
I make tea from lemon verbena and orange peels or rhubarb. Also love the combination of lemon verbena and peaches or nectarines. Try it in ice cream. Or to flavor whipped cream.
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