what is a good tasty soup to make?



ChefJune May 26, 2011
There are SO many, and so many different types of soups. It all depends upon what you want it for. Is it to start your meal? Is it to BE the meal? Are you serving it for a "company dinner?" Soups really do come in all shapes and types. Bean soups, broths, consomme, chowder, cream soups, bread soups.

If you give us a bit more information, we can be most helpful.
wssmom May 26, 2011
I love WInnieabs' Minestrone ...

SKK May 26, 2011
I made this just last night and it was wonderful. http://www.food52.com/recipes/2392_white_bean_garlic_soup from lastnightsdinner
The adjustments I made were I roasted fennel and the carrots before adding to the soup and didn't use pasta. It is a wonderful, versatile recipe full of flavor!
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