q: how can you tell when buying a pomegranate if it's fresh or not!!



Mr_Vittles October 27, 2010
Look for a crimson color and it should be firm to the touch.
Abra B. October 27, 2010
There shouldn't be any soft spots. Squeeze the fruit gently and if it's firm all over it's good to eat. And here's a nifty way to seed a pomegranate - just score the skin lightly with a knife, being careful not to cut into the fruit, put it in a deep bowl of cool water, break it apart gently, and begin teasing out the seeds with your fingertips. The heavy seeds will collect on the bottom of the bowl and all of the pesky white membrane will float, making it easy to remove. Drain the seeds and you're good to go. You won't end up with red-stained fingers either.
TiggyBee October 27, 2010
Usually by the color. It should be a rich red and free from excessive cracks or splits. As they start to turn, the skin becomes puckered.
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