Going to chef school and debating what brand of knife set to get. My school sells Genesis. I am looking at Global as well. Suggestions?



susan G. October 12, 2011
You mention buying a set. Sets will inevitably include a knife/knives you will never use. Rivka gives a good example of how that issue works.
Rivka October 12, 2011
Agree with JessicaBakes - buying knives is like buying a camera. All the good brands have sharp blades, so the question becomes which feels better in your hand, which cuts at an angle you like, etc. Globals are very, very light, which makes them great for chopping marathons. Their boning knife is also incredibly flexible, so it's my first choice for breaking down chickens or filleting fish. That said, I often find myself passing over the Global chef's knife for the more economical Forschner 10", because I just really like the angle of the blade. It might be worth buying a couple somewhere that'll let you try them out and return if you don't like. Pretty sure Williams Sonoma allows it. No amount of comparison shopping stands up to trying the knives out in your kitchen.
testkitchenette October 12, 2011
Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions. I have what I am comfortable with at home (a mish mash of hand me downs from my dad and new ones). It is good to know that the Globals are lightweight. At home, I like a little heft to my knives. I am planning a knife shopping day and will check on W & S policy. It is so true about trying knives out! Thank you!
JessicaBakes October 12, 2011
which one feels better in your hand? go give them a try before purchasing!
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