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Can't add a recipe

Not only am I not receiving any notifications, when I go to the "Add a Recipe" thingy it just goes to a sign up or log in display....I feel totally out of the loop!!Can anyone help?



Kristen M. January 22, 2012
Sorry for the trouble! If you're using the "Add a Recipe" button on the Recipes page, you might want to try one other spot (that button has been buggy in the past) -- if you hover over "Recipes" above in the main navigation bar, you'll see a number of options pop up in a gray box above, including "Add a Recipe".
Krechiewow January 21, 2012
Having this problem at the moment - i'm on Firefox on a Mac ! please help
luvcookbooks October 13, 2011
Internet explorer on a PC
Kukla October 13, 2011
Kristen: I am using Internet Explorer on a PC.
Kukla October 13, 2011
Kristen: I am using Internet Explorer on a PC.
Kukla October 13, 2011
Kristen: I am using Internet Explorer on a PC.
inpatskitchen October 13, 2011
Kristen: I'm using Firefox on a PC
inpatskitchen October 13, 2011
Niknud and Kukla: I found that if you hit "recipes" and then quickly (and I mean Quickly!) go to "add a new recipe" you can get to the recipe format...and then enter the contest toward the end. I'm still not getting any e=mail re: notifications or comments or threads I've contributed to...hopefully soon
Kristen M. October 13, 2011
So sorry about the trouble! Our developers are looking into this -- if you all could let us know what internet browser you're using (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and whether you're on a Mac or PC, that would help them out!
Niknud October 13, 2011
I also can't seem to add a recipe.....any resolution to this? I've been out of town for the better part of a week and feel a little disoriented! Help please!
inpatskitchen October 13, 2011
I finally was able to enter a recipe but still am not receiving any e-mail notifications of comments or threads I've contributed to....hopefully soon!
Kukla October 13, 2011
I have the same problem for two days now.
Amanda H. October 13, 2011
Thanks for letting us know -- it's really helpful for us to know this. Working to fix it. Stay tuned.
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