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My favoriteĀ ricotta

March 16, 2011
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  • Serves 1
Author Notes

This works best with fresh homemade ricotta, but a really good store bought version will work too. —fiveandspice

What You'll Need
  • fresh, really good ricotta
  • 1 spoon
  1. I think you can figure it out. (Add a drizzle of olive oil and pinch of sea salt if you wish.)

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16 Reviews

boulangere March 31, 2011
You are just too cute!
fiveandspice March 31, 2011
Hehe, thanks! It's just the plain truth. :)
Stockout March 22, 2011
The best with a really good fresh ricotta is is local honey drizzled on top with a local conserve served on the side.
The Italians believe that local is what goes with local. Smart, huh?
fiveandspice March 22, 2011
What brilliant advice for pairing! I just love the Italians!
drbabs March 22, 2011
I'm a drizzle of honey and sea salt girl myself.
fiveandspice March 22, 2011
Good point! A drizzle of honey definitely never hurts.
mrslarkin March 16, 2011
Where you just spying on me???? ;)
fiveandspice March 16, 2011
I'm just inside your head, hehe. ;-)
Sadassa_Ulna March 16, 2011
love the tags!
fiveandspice March 16, 2011
Haha, thanks!
healthierkitchen March 16, 2011
Great minds....I posted something like this as well! Best way to eat really good ricotta.
fiveandspice March 16, 2011
No way! I'll have to check out yours! :)
Midge March 16, 2011
I'm with you! Only I might suggest topping with strawberries when they're in season. BTW, just signed up for Red Fire Farm CSA. Thanks for the tip!
fiveandspice March 16, 2011
I agree, and can't wait for strawberry season to roll around! And I just renewed for Red Fire too. I'm so excited!
luvcookbooks March 16, 2011
luv yr recipes
fiveandspice March 16, 2011