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Flame Red Lobster Tails

March 24, 2011
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  • Serves 4
Author Notes

When you grilled lobster, you can truly feel the delicate texture of lobster meat when you put a small piece into your mouth.
Next time I will try with the shell —pauljoseph

What You'll Need
  • 4 rock lobsters
  • • 1 tsp Butter
  • • ½ tsp red chili powder
  • • 2 teaspoon brandy
  • • salt to taste
  1. hold lobster belly down on a chopping board
  2. cut lobster into halves lengthwise using a sharp knife
  3. throw away the shell and vein of the lobster
  4. crack the claws of the lobster
  5. put lobster flesh side down on a medium hot grill
  6. sear for twenty seconds
  7. turn the lobster over
  8. add salt
  9. pour butter
  10. grill lobster for six minutes or until the flesh of the lobster become white and firm
  11. transfer lobster to a heatproof serving plate before flaming lobster
  12. heat brandy in a ladle
  13. pour brandy over lobster before grilling lobster
  14. set lobster alight following
  15. serve the flame lobster

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15 Reviews

Witzbold May 4, 2011
Am Hi Pauljoseph,

Am curious is it possible to do this recipe with something like large prawns if rock lobster is not available? Might be a little hard to find in my region.
pauljoseph May 4, 2011
Witzbold definitely you can try with large or small prawns
Witzbold May 4, 2011
pauljoseph thank you so much for the reply! Will be sure to try this out with prawns!
pauljoseph May 4, 2011
Witzbold I relay appreciate or informed me that you are going to try a recipe of mine if you are RELAY interested in Indian recipe PLEASE comment on my recipe .My experience Japanese are more friendly than others
Witzbold May 4, 2011
I do quite enjoy Indian food in general and have a large fascination with using combinations of spices to achieve excellent aroma and flavor, which seems to be a big part of Indian cuisine. A usual Indian dish that I enjoy having here in my town is Saag Chicken. I see a lot more interesting recipes of yours and do look forward to trying them out in the future. Please keep up the great job with sharing your cooking secrets with us all here!
TheWimpyVegetarian March 30, 2011
This looks really delicious, pauljoseph!! A real winner!
pauljoseph March 31, 2011
ChezSuzanne thank you I do hope so
Burnt O. March 25, 2011
That is some exquisite seafood you have in your markets - lucky man!
pauljoseph March 25, 2011
Burnt Offerings thank you for your comment
hardlikearmour March 24, 2011
Yum! The lobsters in your photo are gorgeous.
pauljoseph March 24, 2011
hardlikearmour thank you for your comment
TiggyBee March 24, 2011
Really excellent recipe, pauljoseph!
pauljoseph March 24, 2011
TiggyBee thank you
boulangere March 24, 2011
One word: WOW!
pauljoseph March 24, 2011
boulangere lots of live lobsters in the market I am trying new recipes thank you for your comment