Smoked Brisket Caja China style on La Caja Asadora

April  7, 2011
Author Notes

For this recipe from the author of “la caja china cooking” we will be using whole briskets weighing about 12-14 pounds each. For each brisket you will need about a cup and a half of dry rub, as well as 40 lbs of charcoal for your la caja asadora. Before cooking your brisket, you will want to rinse them and pat dry the night before. Afterwards, apply your favorite dry rub and don’t be shy! This is an important part of creating that outer layer of flavor. Once rubbed well, refrigerate overnight. You will want to have the briskets at room temperature before placing them in your cajun microwave style roasting box to cook.

Take the briskets and place them on the meat rack in your la caja asadora with the fat side facing up. Below the rack should be the drip pan. On the top rack, add wood chips (approximately 2 cups). Close your caja china and add about 5 lbs of charcoal at the center of your caja china style roaster. Once lit, the charcoal will take about 20 minutes to burn evenly. At that point spread the coals out over the surface of the pan to cook the briskets evenly and roast for one more hour. Next, lift the charcoal pan off your caja china and brush the meat surface generously with about one cup of basting sauce per brisket. Add 2 cups of wood chips. After replacing the charcoal pan and grid add 3 lbs of charcoal and allow brisket to roast 30 minutes, add 3 more lbs and roast 30 minutes more.

After another hour, which should bring the cooking time to just under two and a half hours, you are ready to remove your smoked brisket. You will want to wrap the briskets in foil, place them back in your cajun microwave style caja asadora, and cover with the charcoal pan. Add 3 lbs of charcoal and roast for 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure in 30 minute intervals twice more. After the 4 hour mark you can check the internal temperature of the briskets, looking to have it at about 185 degrees. Now you are ready to carve! Remove the brisket from your roaster and place on a cutting board. Remove the fat cap and slice the brisket in thin slices, going against the grain of the meat. Serve and enjoy with friends and family. You are now the envy of all your neighbors!

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  • Serves 6 people
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