Spring Brunch

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fiveandspice May 18, 2011
Mmmmmm. I'm quite jealous of your asparagus. I wish my yard got sun!!
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Helen's A. May 9, 2011
An Egg Clacker is a gizmo that cuts the top off an egg perfectly. See video: http://youtu.be/bQTSYnKei0A <br />They are hard to find in the US. My mom found me on on a recent trip to Austria. <br />They are wicked fun! You don't have to use them for boiled eggs, either. Try them w/ raw eggs, then fill the empty shells w/ what ever you like!
mrslarkin May 9, 2011
sounds yummy! I thought that was a typo! tell us about the clacker! Love the pics of your rhubarb. I heard you can eat the flower clusters...ever try?
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Helen's A. May 9, 2011
I didn't know you could eat the flowers. I know you're not supposed to eat the leaves, or the late season stalks... Will have to read up on that!
aargersi May 8, 2011
Jealous of your asparagus growing! Yes - tell us about this egg clack!!!
ellenl May 8, 2011
what's an egg clack?