Blood Orange Dreamsicle Float

June 2, 2011

Author Notes: This float is soda fountain meets ice cream truck and all kinds of lip smacking deliciousness. Who doesn't have great memories of the orange/vanilla popsicle? Aside from being embarrassingly easy to make, it would also be yummy with freshly squeezed tangerine, or just plain freshly squeezed orange juice. I happened to have a bunch of beautiful blood oranges hanging around, so that's what I chose.TiggyBee

Makes: one drink


  • 3 blood oranges (the goal is approx 3/4 cup of juice)
  • big scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • seltzer water
In This Recipe


  1. Squeeze the juice from the oranges (my 3 yielded about 3/4 cup).
  2. After squeezing, pick the pulp out and add as much as you want to the juice.
  3. Place the big scoop of vanilla ice cream into a tall glass and and pour the juice and pulp over it, topping the drink off with seltzer. It will foam up, so it's a good idea to pour the seltzer in over the sink.

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7 Reviews

mcs3000 June 8, 2011
sounds delish!
Midge June 3, 2011
Oh creamsicles were the best. This sounds SO yum.
gingerroot June 3, 2011
I love blood oranges and this is such a great riff on a creamsicle! Dreamsicle, indeed!
hardlikearmour June 2, 2011
love the blood orange twist, makes such a gorgeous color plus the slightly berry flavor -- yummy!
mrslarkin June 2, 2011
boulangere June 2, 2011
One of my all-time favorite combinations from early childhood memories up to today.
lorigoldsby June 2, 2011
Very good...sometimes simple is all it takes!