June 21, 2011
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  • Serves 4
Author Notes

Chipá is a cheesy little roll from northern Argentina that is impossible to stop eating. It’s one of those “can’t stop until they’re gone” kind of food. I never seem to make enough of these.

I'm saying "serves 4," but serves 2. - Zahirah —Holly

Test Kitchen Notes

The food52 community has introduced me to so many wonderful new recipes and ingredients and Chipa is one of them. I'd never baked with tapioca flour before and Zahirah's cheesy rolls were the perfect introduction. Simple ingredients combine to form a slightly crisp exterior and a soft interior. They have great texture from the tapioca flour and rich flavor from the Parmesan. These would make terrific party appetizers in addition to being great picnic food. Warm from the oven, they were quickly devoured by my family. We're ready for the next batch! - BlueKaleRoad —BlueKaleRoad

What You'll Need
  • 500 pieces grams Parmesan cheese, grated
  • 2 Eggs
  • 60 milliliters Olive oil
  • 500 grams Tapioca flour
  • 1 teaspoon Sea salt
  • Water, as needed
  1. Preheat the oven to 425°F/220°C.
  2. Grate the cheese. I use the coarse grater, as the cheese will melt in the oven anyway. Add eggs, vegetable oil, salt, and tapioca flour. Mix by hand until you get a grainy mix.
  3. Pour in some room temperature water until you form a smoother ball of dough. Knead for five minutes, then let rest for fifteen.
  4. Cut or separate into 35 gram pieces (about half the size of an egg) and roll until smooth. Place on a Silpat or greased cookie sheet and bake for fifteen minutes, or until slightly golden.

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37 Reviews

CJ December 3, 2017
these are so so delicious! if nobody is around to partake, i'd likely eat the entire batch in one sitting.
made them using both whole foods bought parmesan and the gigantic green bottle of kraft grated 'parmesan' i had from costco. it's no surprise that the nicer quality parm tastes better, but the other works, just as well. thank you so much for his recipe!!! now i don't have to go to fogo de chao and get the perplexed looks from the wait staff who probably wonders why all i am eating is baskets and baskets of their pão de queijo.
Holly December 3, 2017
YAY! I'm so glad you enjoyed them. I haven't made them in ages, but I love them so much I could devour the whole batch in minutes if I let myself.
Caroline C. January 11, 2014
Very good! This is such a simple recipe and makes so many fabulous rolls. A perfect maiden voyage for my new kitchen scale!
Emilia R. August 21, 2013
It looks exactly like "Pãozinho de Queijo" from Brazil, made with "polvilho," which is the manioc/yuka's startch. In Brazil it is tipically made with a special cheese, white and very mild, Queijo de Minas (Minas being a state in Brazil).
Holly August 21, 2013
Yes! I saw a recipe for Pãozinho de Queijo on a friend's blog, and they looked very similar, which makes sense, because these are from Argentina, which is pretty much right next door to Brazil (sort of).
Emilia R. August 21, 2013
Yes, you're right! I lived in Porto Alegre (the capital of Rio Grande do Sul) and Buenos Aires was just an hour flight from us! But Pãozinho de Queijo is not something typical of South of Brazil, but a Norther delicacy.
deanna1001 August 30, 2011
I tried these last night and they spread in the cooking and were flat and chewy. Is that right? They didn't look like your photo...perhaps I used too much water to get the dough to cohere?
deanna1001 August 30, 2011
Oh - and I found an Argentinian hard cheese rather than parm - but the texture was the same. Taste was nice...BUT I think yours were much lighter than my effort.
Holly August 31, 2011
They definitely spread sometimes, and are generally chewy, from all the cheese. I know what you mean. You might have used a bit too much water. What was the flavor like? Did they taste good?
Holly August 31, 2011
What was the Argentinian cheese called? I'm trying to think of what that might be.

They're definitely not light. Though sometimes they're spongier than others.
deanna1001 September 9, 2011
It was Argentinian Reggianito. They tasted good but most definitely did not match BlueKaleRoad's testing notes so I think I goofed somewhere. Will try again because I'm a cheesy chewy fanatic and I'm going to get these right!
Holly September 9, 2011
Let me know how it goes the next time. I've had them come out different textures, it's just a matter of experimenting. No matter how they come out, though, they're always delicious!
SKK August 7, 2011
Somehow I missed this recipe and am so glad you resubmitted it. On the menu for tonight!
Holly August 7, 2011
Fabulous! Let me know how they come out. I love these!!
nogaga August 6, 2011
You should submit this to the current contest! I've eaten my best chipá at the anual Feria de Artesania in Colon, Entre Rios :)
Holly August 7, 2011
Thanks for the heads up! I just did. :-)
fearlessem July 7, 2011
I'm really intrigued here, but am I reading this right? The recipe calls for over a pound of Parmesan? Potentially to be split among just two or three people?
Holly July 8, 2011
Theoretically, this recipe is supposed to feed more like 4-5 people. But the reality is that they're addictive, so it's more like 2-3. So, yes! :-)
nogaga July 7, 2011
So glad this was chosen! Congratulations on your EP.
Holly July 8, 2011
Thanks so much! The best thing is: now more people can enjoy chipá! I seriously need to make up a batch of these...
BlueKaleRoad July 1, 2011
I'm excited to test these this weekend! Quick question, should I be using olive or vegetable oil? I see olive listed in the ingredients but vegetable in the directions. I know I'm going to love them!
Holly July 8, 2011
So sorry! This comment wasn't emailed to me, as all the others were. You can use either. My error. Sorry!
Holly July 8, 2011
And...thanks so much for testing this recipe! And for your lovely comments...I do agree that they're great party appetizers. Did you end up using olive or vegetable oil?
BlueKaleRoad July 8, 2011
It was my pleasure to test and taste! My family's, too. :) I used olive oil and it worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing your recipe!
clintonhillbilly June 28, 2011
Yum -- have you ever tried making them with another kind of flour?
Holly June 28, 2011
No. This is the flour they're traditionally made with, so I'm not sure what they would be like with a different flour. Let me know if you experiment with something different!
susan G. June 28, 2011
Arrowroot? Potato starch? look at my comment below.
nogaga June 22, 2011
I love chipa! We eat them on the beach in Entre Rios. A great picnic food, definitely!
Holly June 22, 2011
Yay! Someone who's had them and can testify to their amazingness. Aren't they addictive?
nogaga June 22, 2011
Completely and totally! And I have to confess I'd never thought of making them at home...
nogaga June 22, 2011
Completely and totally! And I have to confess I'd never thought of making them at home...
Holly June 22, 2011
Neither had I, until I went to dinner at a friend's house and he made a HUGE batch of them. I'm embarrassed to say how many of them I ate. I think I lost count. This is a slight adaptation on his recipe.
Sagegreen June 21, 2011
These sound really interesting; I have not tried them before. If I find tapioca flour, I will try these.
Holly June 21, 2011
Here you go: These are so amazing. I highly recommend them. They're always gone the same day I make them. Let me know what you think!
Sagegreen June 21, 2011
Thanks. I will try!
susan G. June 28, 2011
If you have access to Asian groceries,tapioca flour (same as tapioca starch) is easy to find and inexpensive. Also look for Bob's Red Mill (gluten-free line), or other brands in health food stores. FP food scientists, would arrowroot work? They're both from tubers.
That said, I have plenty of tapioca flour and have to try these.
Holly June 28, 2011
Thanks Susan! I've purchased Bob's Red Mill in the US, but I need to see if I can get it here in the UK. I've never used arrowroot, so that sounds interesting.

Please let me know how the recipe works for you and what you think of them!