Mint in the Cider side of Beer

October 26, 2009

Author Notes: Could it really be so simple? Yes we were quiet easily pleased with this mixture of apple cider, a good double Belgium Leffe and some fresh nana (mint). The sweet darkness of the Leffe, the bubbling apple cider with a nice minty tone makes for a good mixture. One of the bright sides of this cocktail is that the ingredients are few and cheap, you don't have to buy any expensive bottles you don't use too often and you can buy most things in the local supermarket (or liquor store).Janneke Verheij

Serves: 2


  • 1 bottle of Leffe Brune Dubbel (30cl)
  • 1 bottle Strongbow Gold (27.5 cl)
  • 2 sprigs of fresh nana (mint)


  1. Take two big glasses, add a sprig of nana to every glass and pour half of each bottle with it, swirl the mint twig around to blend. Cheers!

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2 Reviews

gregp November 2, 2009
Cider + Beer is a well known combination used in beer cocktails. However, you are missing a key ingredient- the distilled liquor. For example, vodka is often used with this combo (i.e the Russian Eyebrow mentioned in the contest description).
Oui, C. October 29, 2009
I'm a bit of a beer purist, and as such, am struggling with this contest. That said, I think this drink sounds great, and I love your photo too!