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June 26, 2011
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When I posted the Strawberry and Lemon Verbena Summer Drink, I used fresh Lemon Verbena from my garden. But HealthierKitchen told me she wanted to make it but the strawberry season had ended but she still had lemon verbena. So she was putting Lemon Verbena in a pitcher with cold water as I suggested.
So I thought what can I do with all my fresh Lemon Verbena so that I can enjoy it for a longer time. Herbs don’t freeze well and dried impart a totally different taste in my view.
This recipe has nothing new or exciting and I am aware of it. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to be Merril or Amanda here with absolutely incredible recipes. I'm just an ordinary person who has hundreds of recipes in my brain and many a times can’t even make up a day’s menu, let alone sticking fresh herbs in the freezer in ice-cubes.
Not all herbs react the same way. In this case fresh Lemon Verbena has a citrus taste and aroma that comes out even in cold liquids. So with that in mind I thought about making ice-cubes with Lemon Verbena. But, as the freezer “kills” some of the fresh taste, I make an infusion with part of the leaves and transfer the cooled infusion with fresh herbs to ice-cube trays.
Use the idea with mint, basil or even lemon thyme!
Photo: Shutterstock —Maria Teresa Jorge

  • Serves a croud
  • 2 bunches big of Lemon Verbena
  • water
In This Recipe
  1. Use freshest Lemon Verbena available. Wash under cold water and pat excess water away.
  2. Pluck leaves out. Use half the leaves and put them in a large pitcher. Add boiling water and leave to infuse 1/2 hour.Allow to cool completely before putting in icecube trays.
  3. Remove leaves. Fill ice-cube trays with the other half of the leaves and add the cold Lemon Verbena water and freeze.
  4. Once frozen you can remove ice-cubes and put them in a clean plastic bag where you marked the date and flavour.
  5. When making your drinks, put 2 ice-cubes in glass and pour your juice on top.

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