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Margaritas forĀ Jerks

October 27, 2009
Author Notes

Let's not pretend; this recipe is for a margarita. With an emphasis on simplicity and taste. Our friend with Mexican-Wisconsin heritage threw these together at a backyard cookout one afternoon and it was a bit like watching a card trick. I can't find a reason to make a margarita any other way. It's a foolproof method and really quick; critical after three or four batches. Note: consider using good beer (we used Goose Island Matilda, a Belgian-style ale ) and great tequila (we used Don Julio). Read on. —EmilyNunn

  • Serves 4 jerks
  • 1 12 oz can of frozen limeade
  • 8 oz good beer
  • 4 oz great tequila
In This Recipe
  1. Pour frozen limeade into a blender
  2. Pour tequila into bottom third of the emptied limeade can
  3. Carefully place beer into upper two-thirds of the can and pour into the blender. Learn to eyeball these last two steps. Measuring will triple the production time.
  4. Blend briefly and pour into glasses, salted if necessary.
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