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Allan's Spritz Aperol

November 10, 2011
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Author Notes

My friends Allan and John just returned from a trip to Venice, Italy. While in Venice, they noticed people ordering large pitchers filled with an orange liquid. The beverage turned out to be not Orange Kool-Aid, but Spritz Aperol.

Aperol comes from Padua and was originally created in 1919. Some of the ingredients are bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and cinchona.

As Allan says: "One of the things we like about it is that it's light in both flavor and
alcohol--a change from our usual brain-numbing martinis--giving us a gentler
launch into the evening."

I looked online, and didn't see Allans's recipe so give him full credit! It also counts as a punch because it has fruit in it!

You will see a picture when I have luck in uploading it.


What You'll Need
  • equal part Aperol (In most liquor stores - made by Campari)
  • equal part Prosecco (no need for the expensive stuff)
  • equal part Sparkling Water
  • 1 Orange Segment for Each Glass
  • Ice for Each Glass
  1. In pitcher or punch bowl add Aperol, Prosecco, Sparkling Water.
  2. Add ice and orange segment to each glass.
  3. Pour, toast and drink!
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Recipe by: SKK

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Chuck48 April 25, 2017
You can mix it to any proportions you like BUT in Italy it is always 3-2-1.
3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, 1 part club soda AND the Aperol always goes in last (to keep it from sinking to the bottom.
aidangilbert June 27, 2012
I find a shot of Aperol in a tall glass of iced seltzer refreshing and tasty and, since it has less alcohol than wine, when diluted it doesn't impair reflexes. My summer go-to beverage.
tigressnuma May 29, 2012
i just stumbled across aperol myself and the same drink at a local restaurant and fell in love. i bought myself a bottle of aperol and prosecco the next day. now i just need an occasion to drink it! although this is light and refreshing, seems like would mix well in martinis or mixed summer drinks.
SKK May 30, 2012
Try it out and let us know! Wondering if the higher % alcohol would wipe out the subtle flavors of the Aperol.
wssmom November 11, 2011
Must get me some Aperol. Plus, it sounds refreshing hahahahahaha
Niknud November 11, 2011
I see someon'e happy hour started early this week! :) Sigh. Jealous. Still working. On Veteran's Day. Even though I'm a Vet. Sigh again.
Niknud November 11, 2011
Feel a little redundant to say refreshing but, damn it, I'm saying it anyway. Having been away from the 'puter for a day or so and not seeing this til now. Sounds like something that would be absolutely perfect to have throughout Thanskgiving day that won't see you passed out on the couch by the half-time show! :)
SKK November 11, 2011
LOL - no passing out at your turkey day!
lapadia November 10, 2011
Love it, and my first thought was oh, so refreshing, even before seeing other comments, so once again...."Refreshing"!!! Thanks for sharing this :)
SKK November 11, 2011
My thought was everyone but me had heard of this drink, but I wanted to share it anyway. It isn't bitter, and is tangy. I will serve them at our next get together. We missed you Monday and A&M send their regards to you!
hardlikearmour November 10, 2011
This sounds perfectly refreshing! Love it.
SKK November 10, 2011
HLA, it leaves more room for your amazing desserts!