DivineMercySunday Ice Cream A Maple Cake

March 25, 2012
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2nd Sunday After Easter Divine Mercy Sunday for works of mercy for poor homeless those lonely abondonned in prison dying for familes with lots of kids..to works of mercy because you love them and do the Divine Mercy God Jesus I Trust in you chaplet for them special miracles promise on that day with trust as a holy baby in God's Jesus Christ Mercy Forgiveness healling and Miracles.. and share the love in prayers works deeds action make the cake and bring to homeless for for a senior home alone or a family with lots of kids and poor. for those birthday on this special day of miracles! —2nSundayafterEasterDivineMercy

What You'll Need
  • 4litre ice cream pure vanilla
  • 1jar real maple butter
  • 19 maple cookies
  • 1 box waffle bowls
  • 1 or 2 bags of favourite chocolate like rolos or smarties mms
  1. in a serving bowl that fits each waffle bowl cone layer icecream add cookies chocolate and spread Real maple butter add top layer of icecream Real maple butter 1 cookie chocolate and on top of cookies picture of Divine Mercy God Jesus I Trust in you and mother mary queen of peace ..
  2. serve with a picture of the prayer card and I love you spend time with the homeless and the family and be a real brother and sister to all in God's Big Family. for if this homeless person is call home to heaven they had a birthday Easter Christmass Divine Mercy Sunday of mercy and I love you for you are a human being and my brothers or sisters..so each one has their special icream bowl and don't forget platic spoon and nakins and buy coffee tea or juice or water too for them.any extra food in a bag for breakfast or lunch and dinner too.
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