Cafe Amande

Author Notes: A cocktail inspired by my morning cup of coffee. Infusing almond milk and coffee liqueur this cocktail packs the punch you need. I can’t stand to be wasteful and the end of the coffee pot in the morning or the last of the vanilla almond milk is no exception. I like to save the last little drops of yumminess and freeze them into ice cubes for this cocktail. Cheers!Beard and Bonnet

Makes: one drink


  • Coffee and almond milk ice cubes to fill glass
  • 1 shot Kamora or other coffee liqueur
  • Vanilla almond milk
In This Recipe


  1. Fill your glass with the coffee/almond milk ice cubes ( you can use regular ice cubes in a pinch but you will miss out on the added flavor boost as the cubes melt) Pour in 1 shot glass of Kamora coffee liqueur. Fill to top of glass with almond milk, stir and enjoy.

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