Mom's Recipe Creamy Kulfi

August 26, 2012
Author Notes

Kulfi is one of the most favourite dessert among all Indians. Best Part of this recipe it doesn't involve too many ingredients and its simplicty wins everyone's heart.
Its a big relief for everyone in scorching summers after they dig into big bite of it and hope you guys will also join my Kulfiiiiiiiiiiii Fan Club. —Pinki

  • Serves 3-4
  • 1 liter Milk
  • 4-5 Cinnamon Seeds
  • 5-6 Almonds Grated
  • 3-4 tablespoons Sugar (Reduce/ Increase as per your taste)
In This Recipe
  1. Boil milk on medium flame, stir intermittently until you reduce it to half ( Milk will become thick once you reduce it to half) Add almonds, pistachio, cinnamon and set aside Add sugar to milk once it comes down to room temperature Pour the mixture into icecream/kulfi moulds and let it set in freezer for 4-5 hours Your easy to make dessert is ready to be served!

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