Dark 'n Stormy

February 1, 2013

Test Kitchen-Approved

Author Notes: This is a cocktail easily made for one, or you can scale up at will. Feel free to make it boozier if you like -- there are no rules.Amanda Hesser

Serves: as many as you like


  • 1 part dark rum
  • 2 parts ginger beer (whatever kind you like; we prefer Goslings)
  • Lime wedge for garnish
In This Recipe


  1. Fill a glass with ice, crushed or cubed.
  2. Fill the glass 1/3 full with the rum.
  3. Top with ginger beer and squeeze in some lime.

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14 Reviews

Katie O. June 15, 2014
Bundaberg ginger beer from Australia is excellent too! Really dark and gingery, perfect with a dark rum.
Linda March 14, 2014
We use Pusser's British navy rum, as we first drank these in the B.V.I. No lime, but a topping of freshly grated nutmeg. The hotel on Anegada served them up this way and we love them.
ChezUs February 27, 2014
This is one of my all time favorites, and we enjoy often. Just made a little how to video on it as well - now that is love.
rsimpson3 February 5, 2014
It's interesting to note that the Dark and Stormy is one of two mixed drinks (the other being the Bacardi Cocktail) for which liquor companies have gone to court and won their cases to specify the liquor used. In this case, Gosling has trademarked the name "Dark and Stormy" and require that it be made with Gosling Black Seal rum. I don't think much of either Bacardi light or Gosling Black Seal as rums, but for a Bacardi Cocktail and a Dark and Stormy it makes a huge difference in the drink.
Cookie16 February 2, 2014
Cock n' Bull ginger beer is fantastic and my all time favorite. Highly recommend this for the ultimate ginger kick. Look for it at BevMo!
Solitaire February 2, 2014
I've found it at Cost Plus/World Market also, and agree it's the best for this and other ginger beer cocktails - or even a all by itself, on the rocks with lime :)<br />
rsimpson3 February 5, 2014
Thanks for reminding me of Cost Plus! The usual places I've bought Cock n' Bull now only sell Jamaican style ginger beers which overwhelm the rum.
Satyrborn63 December 5, 2013
Once you try Blenheim old #3 (hot) ginger ale, you will never settle for anything less!
Solitaire November 26, 2013
I love a nice Dark & Stormy. Can I ask, do you know where I can get that glass goblet you have in the photo? It's perfect for my bar!
Author Comment
Amanda H. November 26, 2013
I believe I bought the glass at ABC Home (in NYC). I'm sorry I don't have any more info on it, but glad you like it!
Solitaire November 26, 2013
Hi Amanda, thanks for taking the time to reply :) <br />I don't see it on their website, unfortunately for me.
Chris O. July 19, 2013
FWIW, it should be noted that ginger beer can vary greatly in flavor. Jamaican ginger beer (Reed's) is considerably more robust than Bermudan ginger beer (Gosling's, Regatta, etc.) Bermudan ginger beer is easily my favorite.
Author Comment
Amanda H. July 19, 2013
Very worth it! Thanks for weighing in.
Makie February 4, 2013
Non-beer drinkers at Super Bowl Sunday festivities, enjoyed the change from white wine or some other blended drink. I used Reed's Extra Ginger Beer. Would I serve it again? Well I still have that large handle of dark rum I was given...maybe I'll try it with homemade ginger ale on a hot summer's day.