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December  6, 2009
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Before the holidays each year I used to make my own lemoncella. It was beautiful and tasted good too. Then it seemed like overnight everyone I knew was making the stuff. So, somewhere I found this recipe . It was so long ago and I have so many cookbooks and recipe sources that I cannot remember which one it came from. However, the recipe is sooo simple that it is is the taste! —dymnyno

  • Serves l litre
  • 1 large orange (I prefer navel)
  • 44 whole roasted coffee beans
  • 1 litre vodka or moonshine if you have a supplier (like someone in the Southern states)
  • 44 white sugar cubes (which is the equilivent of 44 teaspoons of sugar)
In This Recipe
  1. Take the large orange and stud it with 44 coffee beans. Push them firmly into the flesh of the orange (It will smell wonderful as you work)
  2. After you have studded all the 44 coffee beans into the orange, put the orange into a large glass jar or crock.
  3. Into the glass crock , pour a litre of vodka (any brand...don't spend a lot of money) or moonshine.
  4. Into the glass crock with the studded orange and the litre of vodka, put 44 sugar cubes (I use the French ones)
  5. Leave the glass crock with the orange, vodka and sugar cubes in a sunny spot for guess how long? 44 days!
  6. Gently shake up the mixture every few days.
  7. After 44 days, remove the orange. The sugar will be disolved.
  8. Using cheesecloth and a funnel, strain the liqueur several times. Then pour it into nice looking bottles and gift.

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