Tarragon Vinegar

By ntt2
April 17, 2013

Author Notes: Ok, so it's not really a recipe, but it makes me feel so "rich" and so full of bounty that I had to share! This is my daughter-in-law Susie's invention. It's a never-ending source of wonderfully scented and flavored anise like vinegar.ntt2

Makes: as much as your jar will hold


  • Apple cider vinegar - enough to almost fill whatever size jar you're using
  • Tarragon - big bunches in late spring early summer and more during year
In This Recipe


  1. Fill your jar almost to the top with apple cider vinegar.
  2. Add bunches of tarragon in late spring and early summer.
  3. Add more tarragon during the year when you have extra.
  4. Use frequently and copiously.
  5. Come late spring, strain the vinegar and toss out the old tarragon.
  6. Start from second step again and top off vinegar if needed.

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