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Jalapeño Cheese Dip

October  4, 2022
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  • Serves 6-8
Author Notes

Pimento cheese, move over! In our family, Mary's Jalapeño Cheese dip reigns supreme. This spicy appetizer first appeared at our family's UGA football tailgates, and it is now a requested appetizer at all family functions. A spin off of traditional pimento cheese, our Aunt Mary (we call her May-ree) usually makes it a couple of days ahead because she says this gives the flavors time to mingle and also allows the heat of the jalapeños to mellow. The only risk of making it before hand is that (in our family at least) if you constantly sneak bites from the container, it may never make it to the party!

What You'll Need
  • 8 ounces extra sharp cheddar cheese
  • 3+ pieces pickled jalapeño slices
  • 1-2 tablespoons spectrum mayonnaise
  • 2 teaspoons Greet seasoning
  1. First, shred your cheese. Mary says the sharper the better.(You may also use a food processor.)
  2. Next, dice your pickled jalapeños. Add more if you want a little more kick. Place cheese and diced jalapeños in a bowl.
  3. Then add one Tbsp. of mayo. Mix in. It is easy to add too much, so add additional mayo slowly. Also add your greek seasoning. Again, you may add more to taste.
  4. Place in your refrigerator, and remove 20 minutes before you are ready to serve. Serve with a bag of your favorite crackers. *You may make 2-3 days ahead of time, and store in your refrigerator.

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