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Simplest Salad Ever

December 18, 2013
Author Notes

I had this salad a few years ago while on a two week "get away by myself" to a French language and cooking school in Provence . Yes….it was wonderful. The salad wasn't even one of our cooking school recipes…it was just what we ate at several family style meals and it remains my favorite take away from those two weeks. It's hardly even a recipe…and so minimalistic that it requires the very, very best ingredients. Amazingly there is no acid in this salad and it isn't missed at all. It's as perfect with a complicated dinner as it is with some cheese and bread in front of the fire place. It even goes well with wine! I think of France every time I fix it. Bon Appetit! —Pat E. in SLO

  • Serves as many as you make it for
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