Always part of a Christmas "set out," also year-round healthy snacking/treat.

April 29, 2014
Always part of a Christmas "set out," also year-round healthy snacking/treat.

Author Notes: Nestle walnut half into cavity of date (seed removed) and place several portions in a large glass jar. Sprinkle contents with granulated sugar, toss until all pieces are covered. Freeze or store in covered tin between layers of waxed paper. Can be served whole, or slice into small rounds and arrange on plate.bobbe

Serves: one per person
Prep time: 5 min


  • bunches Dates
  • handfuls Walnut halves
  • packets Sugar
In This Recipe


  1. Remove seeds from dates. Nestle Walnut halves in the cavity of the date. Toss all with enough sugar to coat. Freeze until ready to eat. Serve whole, or cut slices to arrange on plate.

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