The Perfect Summer Salad (Watermelon, Feta, Avocado, and Mint Salad)

May 11, 2014

Author Notes: A simple, easy, and beautiful construction of watermelon, feta, avocado, and mint adapted from a recipe I came across on Pinterest. This recipe serves 2 but adjust as needed for multiple servings. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and serve at your next friend/party gathering!Stacy

Serves: 2


Watermelon, feta, avocado, mint (optional: radish)

  • 1 cup Cubed Watermlon
  • 1/2 cup Feta
  • 1/2 Diced Avocado
  • 2-4 Radish
  • 1 sprig Mint

EVOO, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper

  • 1 splash EVOO
  • 1 dash Sea Salt
  • 1 dash Freshly Ground Pepper
In This Recipe


Watermelon, feta, avocado, mint (optional: radish)

  1. Dice up all salad ingredients into cubes, to the same size.
  2. Add radishes, if desired.
  3. Arrange salad ingredients as desired. Possible options: checkerboard, cube, pyramid, or simple tossed together.
  4. Chiffonade mint leaves.

EVOO, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper

  1. Splash EVOO. Season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper as desired (to taste).

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