Six Oysters

By reub
January 25, 2010

Test Kitchen-Approved

Author Notes: Also known as Four Oysters, Five Oysters, Seven Oysters or occasionally Shuttle Oysters. Oysters are a simple ephemeral pleasure. This recipe is meant to ensure that the cook isn't removed from that by preparation or venue. Hat tip to Jestei's Tomato recipe.reub

Serves: many


In This Recipe


  1. Live in New York or be willing to travel.
  2. Remember that making mignonette sauce is a pain, you don't have a crushed ice machine, but you do have a metrocard.
  3. Take the 6 train (or 4,5,7,S,etc.) to Grand Central station.
  4. Pull up a seat at the Oyster Bar.
  5. Order some oysters and a cold beer and enjoy.

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1 Review

Berna January 26, 2010
Agreed, but if you are downtown...the oysters at Aquagrill, mmmm