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Phil's white toast

September 15, 2014
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  • Makes many people according to how much bread you have
Author Notes

While making my lunch for work one morning I had one extra piece of bread left over from the loaf , My hands were full and the counter was full so I placed it in the toaster
Phil St Pierre

What You'll Need
  • 1 piece plain white bread
  • 1 ounce butter or jam
  1. 1) take the white bread in your right hand and slowly bring it to the toaster 2) carefully lower the bread into the slot in the top of the toaster 3) push down on the lever at the side of the toaster 4) wait about two minutes and release the trigger on the lever , the bread will rise from the slot 5) be careful since the bread has changed color to a light tan but it is hot to touch 6) place it on a dish or plate and apply jam or butter on one side only otherwise your hans will get sticky if it's on two sides 7) hold the bread between your finger & thumb and raise it to your mouth 8) get one cup of fresh coffee and place it on the table you are sitting at 9) test the piece ( because it's now a tan color ,we at this point on will refer to it as TOAST) and make sure it's not to hot and bite a piece off one end. 10) and that is called "eating morning toast " .... I am currently looking to double the amount of "toast " and place some food between the two pieces and call it a "toasted sandwich " I hope you have enjoyed my recipe as much as I have bringing it to you all . I think this will catch on in the field of baking ,even looking foward friends coming over to your homes to the day say " IT'S REALLY NICE AND TOASTY IN THE KITCHEN"
  2. in the Winter and say " IT'S NICE AND TOASTY IN HERE "

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