Preserved Lemons

Author Notes: The perfect holiday gift , this makes almost anything taste better, and is pretty when decanted into old-fashioned tension clamp jars. Heavenly in meatballs, grains, salads...the only thing I haven't found to taste better with preserved lemons is chocolate. Garlic, Zest and Dark Dark Chocolate

Makes: 2+ qts


  • 8-10 lemons, preferably organic
  • A big box white sea salt
  • 5-6 additional lemons
In This Recipe


  1. Wash the lemons very thoroughly and quarter, from stem to stern.
  2. Layer lemons in a large jar, cramming tightly and filling all the nooks and crannies with as much salt as humanly possible.
  3. Squeeze the additional lemons over the top and seal jar tightly.
  4. Tuck away somewhere dark and cool.
  5. Rotate jar once a day (In other words, turn it upside down on day two, right way up again on day 3, etc.)
  6. After two weeks, refrigerate and enjoy indefinitely.

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